Since all time began the holy council guards the light
They saw dawn of man, made by gods to serve their pride
Their slave, he fell from grace, he became the renegede
But evilness took place, cause a darkend force lurked in the shade

Silent wings of black, shadowed all the good at heart
The snake on the attack, shot to bite right oof the dark
The poison in their vein, freezed their soul, their heart, their mind
So they praised the evil's name, the beast to serve, the world to grind

Time of all eternity, can never change the final destiny
The purified that stood the fight, will be saved to see the world of light.

The Rivalry, since eternity, the final fight the blackend world to free
Lost in hate, determined fate, all evil's damned to walk the fiery gate

The time is right at hand, to see the truth behind the lie
Decade of evils end, the poisoned heart is doomed to die
The chosen one is here, they're in a deadly fix
He is the one they fear, cause he is up to all their tricks