81st Radio Show (OA January 19th 2008)
Nakajima Yuto x Yamada Ryosuke

Nakajima: Good evening, this is HS7's Nakajima Yuto

Yamada: Good evening, this is Yamada Ryosuke

Nakajima: This two will be hosting this week

Yamada: Yup

Nakajima: Ah! That reminds me

Yamada: Yes yes

Nakajima: Happy New Year

Yamada: Happy New Year, this is our first this year

Nakajima: Yup, our first or actually

Yamada: Yes?

Nakajima: Isn't it the first with this two? I think

Yamada: Yup

Nakajima: The first

Yamada: I probably did most with Chinen

Nakajima: Ahh, Chinen. How was it? With his egoistic way

Yamada: He really is egoistic

Nakajima: Yeah, I thought he was pretty egoistic when I was listening

Yamada: I'm counting on you, Yuto kun

Nakajima: Really?

Yamada: I think you'll be able to lead me

Nakajima: You're really counting on me?

Yamada: Yeah, just a little though

Nakajima: Just a little?

Yamada: Don't get yourself carried way

Nakajima: Just a little, huh?

Yamada: Just a little

Nakajima: Oh well, let's start

Yamada: Of course!

Yama-Jima: HS7 UltraPower


Yamada: Monday's are that corner which we answer to your letters

Nakajima: Please enjoy until the end



Nakajima: YAY

Yamada: YAY


Yamada: It's a corner which we have you send us in various topics such as funny incidents, a simple question, or a special trivia

Nakajima: Yup, let's start introducing the letters

Yamada: Go ahead

Nakajima: This is from pen name Yamarika san

Yamada: From Yamarika san, go ahead

Nakajima: Yes, we received [a letter] from her

Yamada: Go ahead

Nakajima: "Happy New Year everyone from HS7. I have a question for you guys. Ozoni differs depending on the area you live, right? What kind of ozoni do your families eat? I am from Kansai so mine is round mocha in white miso. I'll keep supporting HSJ this year as well" Thank you

Yamada: Thank you

Nakajima: Yeah, they do depend on the area

Yamada: Ozoni

Nakajima: I heard there are a lot of variations

Yamada: Yeah, what about Yuto kun?

Nakajima: Me? Mine uses broth instead of miso. What was it, a duck?

Yamada: Hm?

Nakajima: There's duck meat inside so the fat from the duck is floating in it

Yamada: That's luxurious

Nakajima: Yeah, it's pretty... pretty good

Yamada: Yeah

Nakajima: People say that they never seen such a thing sometimes

Yamada: Hmmmm

Nakajima: What about Yama chan?

Yamada: Eh?

Nakajima: Yama chan too?

Yamada: Me?

Nakajima: Yeah, what about you?

Yamada: Me? My house is pretty odd too

Nakajima: Really?

Yamada: It's like... I don't know. The broth? Is like soy sauce based

Nakajima: I see

Yamada: Well, that's normal but we have aonori [green seaweed] and spinach

Nakajima: You guys put in aonori?

Yamada: With Mochi... well, we have mochi of course but its sort a... normal

Nakajima: Then, I'll go to your house to eat that someday

Yamada: Eh?

Nakajima: I'll go to your house to eat that someday

Yamada: Next year?

Nakajima: Yeah

Yamada: You're really going to come?

Nakajima: I'll be going

Yamada: But this is really good

Nakajima: Ah, really?

Yamada: My dad loves my mom's ozoni

Nakajima: I see. I guess it really does differ

Yamada: Yup

Nakajima: That's really amazing, depending on the area you live. I feel like there are more ozoni out there that I want to know more

Yamada: Well, not that much

Nakajima: What about we search about it? About how ozoni are made

Yamada: ... I think that's Keito's job

Nakajima: Ah Keito's!

Yamada: 'Cause... he's doing

Yamajima: Hyakushiki-ou

Yamada: Yup

Nakajima: Our Keito san

Yamada: Yup

Nakajima: Our Ketito san appears on channel 8's Hyakushiki-ou

Yamada: He should do one on ozoni

Nakajima: Yeah, one about ozoni as the theme

Yamada: Yeah, let's have him do that someday

Nakajima: You're right, let's have him do that

Yamada: Yup, we're not the one who should say things like that but

Nakajima: Yeah, let's tell Keito

Yamada: We don't know if Keito is listening or not

Nakajima: Oh yeah

Yamada: We're not sure but

Nakajima: Let's send him a mail later

Yamada: Yeah saying "do one about ozoni next" Yup

Nakajima: Yama chan, you introduce one next

Yamada: Oh, okay okay. Ehh, penname Ayana san? Is this Ayana san?

Nakajima: Ayana san?

Yamada: This is from Ayana san. "Konban-me [Good evening]"

Yama-Jima: Konban-me

Yamada: Wow

Nakajima: Konban-me

Yamada: Umm, "lately I'm getting a drum lesson from my dad who was in a band before"

Nakajima: Ooh!

Yamada: "The other day, my dad gave me a pointer about how to be into rhythm. That is dot dot dot rock your neck up and down"

Nakajima: Ahh

Yamada: "I read a certain magazine that Yuto kun saying the same thing. To make everything fit together, it's best to [keep the same rhythm] as cymbals with your neck and shake your head hard on the snare"

Nakajima: Hahaha

Yamada: "I saw Yuto kun playing the drums on Dome-Con's DVD with my father but"

Nakajima: Ah crap

Yamada: "According to my father 'you can't play the drums calmly' Nakajima kun was playing the drums camly maybe because of his nervousness but, he hid his mistake pretty well! Do your best Nakajima!' so I'd like to hear Yuto kun playing the drum again"

Nakajima: hahah

Yamada: "I didn't go to Haru-Con so I don't know how it went but don't do any cute mistake like you did in Dome" and it says I'm sorry for the weird letter

Nakajima: Who cares if I do some cute mistakes

Yamada: Hmm, but you know I won't forgive you

Nakajima: But

Yamada: Hey, shut up!

Nakajima: But... Hey!

Yamada: Listen, listen, listen! The one I saw. Umm not Haru con but... umm, what was it?

Nakajima: That end of the year, beginning of the year one

Yamada: New Years concert

Nakajima: New Years concert

Yamada: Yuto kun was

Nakajima: That 2008-2009 one

Yamada: Yeah yeah. Umm, on that Heiesei one

Nakajima: The drums

Yamada: Yup yup, you were doing that. I seriously thought Yuto kun looked really cool during rehearsal being all serious

Nakajima: Thanks thanks

Yamada: With me and BEST's Arioka? Dai chan?

Nakajima: Yeah, Dai chan

Yamada: Dai chan. But I was little touched but that, just a little though

Nakajima: Really? Just a little?

Yamada: Don't get carried away, it was just a little

Nakajima: Okay

Yamada: Yup, I was a little moved by that and I envied you a little

Nakajima: Really? Thanks. But when I look back at Dome-con now I think to myself "who the hell is that"?

Yamada: But even amateur like me, an amateur who doesn't know anything about drums thought you really did improve

Nakajima: Really?

Yamada: Yeah, self-taught?

Nakajima: Self-taught? Well, I never had a lesson

Yamada: Do you do it at home?

Nakajima: Like play by ear

Yamada: Play by ear

Nakajima: I have drums at home and I guess I have a practice drum

Yamada: That's amazing

Nakajima: Yeah, it's pretty amazing

Yamada: That's amazing

Nakajima: Really

Yamada: That's cool

Nakajima: Not at all, not yet

Yamada: I'm not the one who should say it but I think you will get better, really

Nakajima: Thanks thanks. But, it's like... I'm happy that people are watching me

Yamada: Yeah

Nakajima: And her father pointing out the bad

Yamada: Yup, he sure did point them out

Nakajima: Yeah

Yamada: Because people point out the bad, you'll improve more. You'll be a success in no time. Yup

Nakajima: Thank you very much, dad

Yamada: We thank you, dad

Nakajima: Yeah

Yamada: Let's end here for today

Nakajima: hai

Yamada: Please keep sending us a funny incident, question to us, or anything. This was HEY!SAY!LETTER's corner

Nakajima: Please listen to a song for now it's HSJ's

Yama-Jima: Mayonaka no Shadow Boy


Nakajima: Ehh, it's already time for us to go

Yamada: Well, Yuto kun was scolded by the dad

Nakajima: Yup

Yamada: Just keep improving

Nakajima: I'll do my best dad!

Yamada: Yup, do your best. Well, we are waiting for your mails

Nakajima: The address is...

Yamada: Please be sure to add the corner's title and your radio name when sending a letter or an e-mail. Odds of yours being read will increase

Nakajima: Yup. This is it for today's broadcast. This was HS7's Nakajima Yuto and

Yamada: Yamada Ryosuke

Yama-Jima: See you tomorrow