You Can Never Add Up To Me
Change Ur Formula Baby
Im About To Subtract You

They Try To Divide Us Instead
They Went And Multiplied Us
Lies Couldn't Put Out The Fire
Of Loyalty Inside Us
I Got My Riders Beside Me
They Got The Guns Beside Them
They Try To Divide Us Instead
They Went And Multiplied Us

[Verse 1:]
They Try To Devide
Ill Give You Brain Fool
Ill Do What They Can't Do
I Do To A Track What A Train Do
Alot Changed¥ Im Same Dude
I Got The Game In The 90 Degree Angle
Cause Karma Come Back Three Sixty
I Stand One Eighty
A Couple Of G's As A D's With Me
Born 45 In Degrees! That Means
You'll Be Doin 45
I Aint A Mathomutition
I Aint Rappin And Spittin
You'll Learn Something If You Happen To Listen
Infractions You Couldn't See Half Of My Vision
I Concur And Divide
That's The Math Of My Mission
This Algabibriton
In Order To Multiply
You Gotta Have A Natural Division
In Addition To Addition
Listen This Is My Part ... Nah
You Don't Get A Percentage


[Verse 2:]
Now Im Shinin Like Time Square
With No Body Got It
I Still Get It For Five Square
Im Lookin After My Share
Put Away Five Q
Came Back For Five Square
You Can't Measure My Heat
With The Degrees On The Thermometer
Im Like Ten Times Floriter
Get The Number To The Coroner
The Game Was Missin The B Variable In The Formula
This Style Is The Rhythm
This Flow Is Ail The Rhythm
You Give Every Drop A Blood Every Pound Of Serv
A Pound Of Servin For Every Ounce Of Venom
Self Centered How I Pen Em
Run Circles Around Rappers
Yeh¥ I Pen Em
In The Center.. Comfort Style I Run This Now How I Turn A Det To A 100 Thous


You Can Never Touch Me
Rap Calculator
Its Crunch Time
Your Time Is Up
I Hope You Know How To Count
Its Over For You