Robert:Taking care of it a different way

Me:I have tried that

Robert:So you want to go to court

We have no other choice

Robert:We can work this about me and you

Robert:I thought you did not have problems

Me:She needs her appt

Robert:I know that, it is just hard to get her in there

Robert:I wanted her to go to one when I can be there, so I was trying a saturday one

Me:It has been 2 mnths

Robert:So were going back to court

Robert:Go back to the guy

Robert:I don't want to fight with you

Me:I don't get honesty

Robert:I have told you everything I have done so far

Robert:I don't want to do this

Robert:I'll do whatever you want me to do I dont want to go back to court

Robert:Well get her in so you can have all the information you need

Robert:I will changes

Robert:I will make the appointment

Robert:I didn't take her cause I didn't want to- I had a problem at work one time and the other she was sick - I will take her back

Robert:I knew she had this thing I talk to her about it!

Robert:I knew she had to see somebody, I just haven't got her in and its really hard.

Robert:Kara's gonna fall apart from this...

Me:I'm sorry?

Robert:Kara's gonna die from this...

Me:How is she gonna die from this?

Robert:Cause she is gonna see us go through this all over again

Me:She shouldn't don't tell her

Robert:She is gonna know

Robert:I'll take her before we go to court...

Me:I have no relationship with her.

Me:Almost every night I call...

Me:Call attorney.. she will explain everything to you...

Me:See what judge wants to do

Robert:I didn't know

Me:I don't get the truth, no connection since she has been home

Me:I do not prevent

Robert:Yes that is true

Robert:Ok the phone was messed up for a minute. I don't answer cause we don't want to talk to you

Me:Please do not discuss this with Kara

Robert:She's gonna know everything

Me:How is she gonna know everything

Robert:Cause she is gonna see me

Robert:Shes gonna see you but not whats going on

Robert:Shes gonna see everything

Robert:I dont mean see

Robert:So want it that way? I am just asking for reals?

Robert:Ok there have been some problems, I can do everything

Me:I have tried to change this for 2 yrs