[Ant Banks]
Yeah, we got my n**** Short Dog in the motherf***ing house
Telling y'all n****s about that loot
Cause you don't know nothing about that, you know?
Do it to 'em

[Too $hort]
I used to be a broke-ass n**** from the Oaktown
Remember Too $hort? b**** I ain't broke now
I sold 6 million albums since I got my start
I be all up and down them Billboard charts
That s*** is easy, f***ing with the Dangerous Crew
And kick back while I tell you about making the loot
Get in where you fit if you making it fast
Cause a real motherf*** might check your a**
Take all your loot, kick down your door
The word got around you's a b****-ass hoe
Hanging with these same a** n****s that owe you cash
That won't pay your a**
Them n****s just owe you for life
Be all in your face every day and night
If you'd have broke their a** off years ago
For f***ing off all them counts of dough
You wouldn't be a broke-ass n**** today
(I'm a get that s*** back) Well I'd figure you'd say that
Cause you go way back, rewind and play it back
You just a fat f***ing needle in the haystack
They should've just named you jack
Cause you ain't never gonna get that back
So reminice on the things you had
Cause you having money was just a fad

[Ant Banks]
That's right (b****)
Either roll thick, or suck a fat d*** (Gotta get my loot)
And n****s can't f*** with that (Gotta get my loot)

[Too $hort]
You working every day and can't never gat ahead in life
Stop punking out running cause you're scared to fight
You hang with nine broke n****s, you know the rest
Kiss a fake n**** a** and give a hoe respect
Lying all the time about your cash flow
And talking about s*** th