Man I met this chick so fine
So bad She made me sick some time
I just had to f*** this b**** one time
I met her in the galleria shopping buying
Gifts for some guy that she dating still shot
Second anniversary and I'm congratulating that
But man she had an a** so fat
You couldn't palm it with Shaquille hands
It seems to me she had the whole world in her pants
Walked behind her whispering love songs
She started smiling so I handed her this bathing suit
And told her try it
Replied, while with these light brown eyes
I'm shopping for a lady friend about your size
She put it on so I paid for
Then I told her she could keep it
And then I walked out the store, it's our secret
But peep it
Made it down the hall, she came running
Bags about to bust, blouse wrinkled, but still stunning
I don it
Made a mack move and girl chased me
And shortly thereafter, exchanged our f*** faces
It's tasteless
But honey must of missed being treated
Like something more than n****s just tumbling and dudes beating
Her a** behind the silly s***
And I can see it in her eyes she was sick of this
Let's see the sights, its me tonight
Let's leave him stuck home pacing
Blowing up your pager, exchanging f*** faces


You must be used to all the finer thangs
Infatuated by what money brangs
It seems to me you hoes will never change
So all that's left is for us to exchange

{Too $hort}

I called her up on the phone said I'll be there in a Minute
Cause all them faces she be making when I'm in it
They make a n**** feel like he doing something
The p**** so good have you through with money
But you ain't knowing she's a tramp and a slut and all That s***
Every chance you get you trying to call that b****
Quite a few n****s got the p****
But everytime I see her got to stop and look
Cause she so damn fine b****
I want to make you mine b****
I want to f*** one time b****
Short Dogg's on your mind b****
I give a f*** about any n**** you f*** with
Stuck with, I love the way she suck d***
It make me bust this
It's hard to hold back when it's this good
You said she wouldn't I knew the b**** would
Cause I'm a veteran, twist them in the game so fast
With this pimping, b****, you ain't go last
I got to get 'em, let 'em know I'm pimping really
Unless I'm getting paid, the s*** is temporary
Exchanging f*** faces, making hella noise
Getting freaky as f*** and go and tell my boys
Cause It's like that, that's how we do this s***, b****

Repeat Chorus:


Let me holla at 'cha B, Short check this
Just got through f***in this b****, who swallowed my Cum and drank my
I stuck my fist up in her c***, she didn't budge or Move it
Sucking and f***ing, man she loved to do it
I bust 4, 5, 6
nuts in her mouth, when she come to my house
I know thats my b****
And she don't tell nobody s***
She keeps it cool, she said that p****'s mine
And because the way I rhyme, she let me fuch her all The time
I'm thinking about keeping this b**** by my sidee
Girl so fine n****s dreamed they f***ed her and lied
But I'm numero uno, the one and onlly
b**** be all on me chewing my nuts like bologna
Then picked, she licked on my d*** like plop
The nut skeeted out like thick white snot
She saw it was still hard and said look what I got
Then rubbed it, hugged, it and shoved it in her c***
Tried to tell her to stop, but the b**** wouldn't listen
I guess a d*** that's hard as rock, is what these hoes Be missing
And in return she used her stolen credit cards to by Me casing
And later on she got this bone and gives me f*** Faces

Repeat Chorus:


I got a call from Laquesha and some of her neices
Saying its about six or seven dime pieces
We can hook up with no chains and no leashes
Tied to this f***ing affair and slow leases
See what we go do is fall through with crushed ice
Man these hoes been talking bout f***in for three Nights
Whole damn grill so slick it's kind of nice
Not too expensive, but comfortable and its quiet
The rimmy that she gimme, a phillie and its tranquilized
Thinking to myself at this time and realized
She ain't got on panties so damn it, its in the signs
Somebody's getting f***ed tonight to my suprise
Enter the room with the cat a** eyes
Rochelle's who do nails with them thick a** thighs
See I love these kind cause they ain't with that Bulls***
Get a n**** off in the room and pull s***
Girl stop licking right there you killing me
Go ahead and touch it right there and fell the P
This some cold blooded s*** with a b**** you let me Sit through
Damn hoe I must admit, that's whit it hit me
So I dips into the world of forgotten f*** faces
You getting buck places, drinking, love, and sex Chases

You know what I'm saying baby
It's either now or never
Too $hort, Tela, Devin Scarface in style

Repeat Chorus