How to say nothing!
Monday 16 January 2006

In English we have several names for the number zero (0). Sometimes we call it "zero". Sometimes we call it "nought". Sometimes we say "O" - just like the letter "O". James Bond was "double o seven" - 007. In most cases, you can use any of these three - zero, nought or "O". But in the score for a football match, and in many other sports, we say "nil". For example, Birmingham City 2, Aston Villa 0. And in tennis, a zero score is called "love" - for example, "Anderson leads three sets to love".
Would you like some practice? Listen, and see if you can understand the following numbers accurately. If you like, send me your answers in an e-mail (to peter@listen-to-english.com), and I will reply to tell you if you have got them right.