What we share

True friendship- nothing else
So hard to find & tough to keep these days
Life's pace is increasing (but)
We're still trying to live up to ourselves
Erase mistakes to make it count- what counts?
And once again i feel forced to leave it all behind
'Cause everything I believe in never felt so out of place
So what's this all for? When existence is all we share!
Wrong expectations? I just thought you would live up to your words
We're better off pointing fingers on no one but ourselves!

I stood my ground and played my part
Still holding on to what i've got
I know what means the most to me
You don't know what this is all about

('Cause) this is what we share
Nothing you could ever take away!
Take away!

You don't seem to get
That i also have to figure out a way for myself
Nothing will make me step back to you
You aim for what i left behind a long time ago!
So face it ( i hope) our ways will never meet again